Rock’n’roll on the go

Yesterday night we had our school concert.  Our theme was around the world.We did Decpacito/macerana. The boys were showing off and the girls were ignoring them. But the downside was the girls had to wear long flowy skirts and act like girly-girls. The song was good though. The other classes did things like America and France. On of the prep ones did México and 2 preps came down with cute Mexican hats and did the splits. It was so cute.


Earthquakes (amazing facts)

At school we had an expo. I did earthquakes. Here are some facts that

I put on my poster.

What are Earthquakes?
Earthquakes are a tremor or shake where the ground moves.
They can knock down buildings. In places where there is high
danger, they build the buildings in a way so that they can’t fall down as easily.


How are Earthquakes made?
Earthquakes are made when the seismic waves in the outer core
and mantle slide over one another. The 2 main reasons that
happen are that people drill for oil and the continental crust
isn’t strong enough in some places so it can crumble and that
causes a difference. The other is filling up dams because of the
sudden weight for the ground under the dam


Where are most of the Earthquakes?
Earthquakes usually occur in the ring of fire.


What has been the biggest Earthquake?
The biggest Earthquake was in Valdivia in Chile. It happened on May 22, 1960.


People killed
The biggest earthquake killed 16,000

Fun fact
Earthquakes are the biggest natural disaster.


Not so fun fact
Some earthquakes can go on for 5 years, in fact, the longest earthquake went on for 9.

By Alice

The day I learnt to dance

Today was coach approach, we did these cool sports, most of them I’ve never heard of. There was AFL, team work, lacrosse, base ball, ultimate frisbee and hip hop.

At hip hop, the man called Josh taught us some pretty sick moves to the song Humble. He was really nice and he was my favourite.

At ultimate frisbee, Taj and I banged heads really hard and I spent most of the time at sick bay, in fact, I still have a headache! 🙁

At the end they were actully  giving out free tickets for Melbourne united basketball game. I’m so upset I didn’t get any thing 🙁 (But luckily I’m resilient.)

But Milly and Shyla won a prize, lucky her!


This term we have done an action plan on something we want achieved, I wanted the school toilet paper changed. Here is my action plan:

the schools toilet paper is really bad, in fact HORRID! I cant stand, by the end of this you will be convinced every school in Victoria needs new softer toilet paper.

Firstly, the toilet paper we have now is like baking paper it is also like sand paper. Is that just to make children suffer? Leaves would be better!!!the toilet paper we have now sticks to the roof when it’s wet. There may be a toilet paper we can get that doesn’t do that. If we had better toilet paper there’s less chance people will be silly with it.

Aren’t you tired of having scratchy toilet paper? Take action with us then! Children all around the world are suffering! So what are the reasons? I don’t think there are any! So lets change it!

Cr Helen Radnedge…

Helen Radnedge’s visit
Hi my name is Alice, I'm going to tell you about Cr Helen Radnedge. She came to our school today and told us about the council. Here are some facts and questions we asked her.

What was your childhood like? Did you grow up in this area?
Cr Helen Radnedge had a good child hood and was taught to do everything herself like her 3 other sisters.

Did you grow up in this area?
She grew up in Keillor until she was 15. Then she moved to Gisborne.

How did you become a councillor?
She had to put her name online then write 250 words about herself.

What interested you to become a councillor?
She wanted to have her say after seeing a lot of dead animals on the side of the road and in parks.

What was your job before a councillor?
Helen worked at a hardware store before she was a councillor.

What’s your favourite place in Gisborne?
Nature reserves, water-ways and parks

Why are you concerned about the natural environment?
Because without animal we can’t live.

How did the wards get split up?
It was the government’s desicion. They decided to do it because the population was growing so they did it to keep it so they could manage the country side.

Do you ever have fights with other councillors?
Helen only has disagreements and debates.

Fun fact: they keep an uneven number of councillors so the vote won’t be even.

Now I know that if I have something to say I can call the council.

Opera: the magic flute…

On Wednesday the 28/6/17 we watched the Magic Flute incursion, it was good. The Opera they sang was amazing. Here is a brochure of the show and then I will explain the story.

Prince Tamino has fallen in love with a princess he has to save. He made friends with Papageno. Three lady’s give them a magic flute and bells to help them. They find the princess and save her but since the old man had already captured her and the shield of the sun. He says to the prince and bird catcher that the queen of the night wanted the shield of the sun to become the queen of the night and day. They go through tests that the old man set up. He promised a wife if they completed the test. The queen is furious with all this love so she hides and is never seen again. But the prince and bird catcher watch the sunset with their wives.